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Mild climate, unspoilt landscapes, antique culture and history. These ingredients make up the foundation of Mealitaly. Italian cuisine is our country’s flagship product, so we’ve decided to offer you the best of each region. This is the ambitious challenge of Mealitaly: returning to old culinary memories to revive the experience and recipes as it was once” rediscovering the unique flavors, preserved by an established and respected business.
For this purpose we look for the best products offered by patiently and naturally cultivated land, we select the handmade excellence within the wide range of agrifood, we focus on specialty niches and prepare them in full respect of tradition using certified techniques for the entire production and conservation cycle.
Passion, tradition, authenticity, excellence: these are the ingredients that we are proud to put in our products every day.

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There is a story behind any excellent product and we want to tell you about it.
This story begins with the careful selection of producers. Once we chose them, we examine the entire chain : starting from the soil quality and of the harvest, all the way up to the storage, processing and packaging of products.
The ultimate result comes after this long process: if performed in compliance with all rules, procedures and disciplines, it gives life to what we proudly call excellence .
Because it goes beyond just product quality. It is not enough to be just good. We work with care, love and dedication so that our flavors are authentic and genuine, and therefore precious.
Following that assumption what we do not do and, what is more important, what we do not accept: in Mealitaly no product, even full of flavor and character, is treated, processed or transformed using chemical processes. Why? We do not need it: the quality of our selected raw materials is so high that they are already full of taste, obtained during their growth. There is nothing to add, unless the ability to choose, process, preserve and bring them to your table.
We are also sure to offer the excellence, because we never rest on our laurels. We not only select the typical Italian products grown in PDO and PGI areas, subject to severe and intensive crop controls. We identify the areas in the region and within them choose the best products and examine them with the support of our food technologists who, through a rigorous checklist, make a very detailed screening to see if these products can become a part of Mealitaly .
We love transparency and authenticity and we do not keep any secrets from people who choose us. Could we be satisfied with that? The answer is no.
We continue to improve. Currently we are working on a database to make our products more traceable, accessible to our customers at any time so that, through a QRcode and NFC system to allow them to obtain a full and complete traceability of the entire production cycle, in an easy and simultaneous way, even from their smartphone.
Mealitaly does not just sell “MADE IN ITALY” products, but offers you ITALY in our products.