Traditional Sweets of Sorrento Peninsula


Despite being one of the typical Neapolitan cakes , baba is originally from Poland. Even the name with time, has been slightly modified : it was called baba by French chefs, while the Neapolitans doubled the consonant and stressed the last vowel . Since then, this delicious sweet cake enriched witha soft liquor is known under the name which was invented by Neapolitans – babbà .
The baba has noble origins because it was created by the Polish King Stanislaus Leszczyński who did not like very dry sweets, so he decided to soak it in Tokaj and syrup . Its typical mushroom form was invented by the pastry-cook Nicolas Stohrer.
There are many legends about the birth of baba : according to one of them King Stanislaus, who was famous for his bad temper, threw a cake against a glass cupboard, breaking a bottle of rum, so it spilled over the cake. The cake in contact with liquor, gave off a heavenly scent so that the king decided to taste it , and finding it very delicious, he decided to change the recipe and soak it in rum.
The Neapolitan origins of the cake dated back to 1836, when the cook Angeletti found this recipe to make baba in a cookbook in which , however , the cake was also enriched with raisins and saffron ingredients, later lost over the years.


The baba is a sweet made of yeast dough typical of Neapolitan pastry. Its shape may vary: from a minimum of 5-7 cm, or so-called “mignon”, up to a size of 35-40 cm, if you want a babà cake .
There is the classic version, without fillings, or divided into two and filled with cream, chocolate, custard and fruit.


The baba, along with pizza, is perhaps one of the most characteristic dishes of the Neapolitan cuisine in the world. There are many recipes and variations how to prepare the baba, but Mealitaly has selected the true Neapolitan tradition and has offered it in its products.