Traditional Campania Infusions


It is a typical Italian custom to offer after dinner, a moment of pleasure, conviviality and sharing. And most of the time we do it offering a liquor, usually homemade of fruit ingredients and with natural flavors.
All Italian regions can boast of a local liqueur, homemade within families, using precious recipes that, although created and belonging to the same area, have developed since then in many different variations.
Delicious and flavorful infusions that recall places and memories.
Especially Limoncello (lemon infusion) and Nocillo (walnut infusion) are among the best known and loved by amateurs of good food all around the world.
Mealitaly has selected the best infusions, processed only in accordance with the tradition and with great passion of our best experts who hand down from generation to generation this geniune and tasty science.


The story of the yellow transparent color of this liquor is known throughout the world as Limoncello, has its roots in traditional infusion recipes of the Sorrento peninsula and closely related to Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento that keep the palm for primogeniture.
Some sources trace its invention to the time of the Saracen invasions.
The characteristic oval shape of the lemons, flagrant peel, intensive yellow color, combined with the richness and fertility of the land where it is grown, have allowed us to obtain the prestigious label IGP to protect this excellence product of Campania region and recognized everywhere as the symbol of the Sorrentine Peninsula, as well as Naples.