Mealitaly wanted to revive the tradition used by Neapolitan families to prepare tomato puree in bottles and created the Piennolo Vesuvius PDO Tomato PUREE.
The characteristic of this puree bases on the fact that in order to enrich the taste, we add into it whole small tomatoes. If during cooking they are crushed, their scent and flavor will transform even a simple toast or the classic dish of spaghetti in an unforgettable culinary experience.
With the Piennolo Vesuvius PDO Tomato PUREE you can always obtain the exquisite taste of Neapolitan cuisine even in winter and spring months. Mealitaly wants to bring back to our tables the authentic flavors faithful to the ancient rites, prepared with loving care and assuring the best choice of products.

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piennolo of Vesuvius PDO tomato