Marmalade of Sorrento Peninsula

The origin of the marmalade can be found in ancient times : the Romans and the Greeks, in order to preserve the fruit for long periods, and especially to make stocks in times of shortage, used to slowly cook the quince with honey, the only sweetener known at that time, or using cooked or sweet wine or must.
Lemons, oranges, mandarins, apricots : all were treasures of a lush and fertile land which they called Campania Felix .
Even today marmalades allow to continue to savor the citrus and fruit flavors and aromas, even in the periods of the year they are not present on our tables.
The cultivation techniques of both Sorrento fruit lemon and orange, faithfully follow the ancient tradition: in fact they use wooden, usually chestnut,scaffolding, covered with straw mats (traditional ” pagliarelle ” ) that are sometimes replaced or supported by windbreaks or nets to protect the plants from the wind and the cold.
This type of farming also contributes to delay the ripening of the fruit, postponing the usual time the product is ready and so it can be sold later than traditional citrus .

Typical Geographic Indication

The best lemons of the Amalfi Coast, known as “Sorrento Oval Lemons”, certified as the Typical geographical indication, together with the oranges that made famous the whole peninsula, as well as the sweetest mandarins grown there – are the unique ingredients of Mealitaly marmalades . Their flavors evoke the most ancient traditions of peasant culture that already in the XIVth century represented an important source of income from its exporting.


The Sorrento oval lemon has received Community recognition of Typical geographical indication IGP.
It is different from other varieties of lemons in taste and shape. It is easily recognized, because it has an elliptical shape and is generally larger than traditional lemons. Even the peel is thicker and richer in fragrant essential oils.
The pulp deserves a special attention: is very juicy and, above all, its high acidity makes it full of vitamin C and minerals.


The oranges of Sorrento Peninsula are extremely juicy and sweet and completely lack seeds. The harvest begins in May and lasts till the beginning of August and Mealitaly chooses its oranges using the most severe controls in order to get the most genuine flavors.


Mealitaly started the production of marmalades of Sorrento with a definite advantage: the choice of the best products grown within the Sorrento biosphere which, due to its natural characteristics, can still be proud of being unspoilt. And you can feel this taste of such a kind and fertile soil.