The short smooth Zito is one of the Gragnano pasta flagships of Mealitaly. One of the many dishes with it are with thick sauces, such as Bolognese or meat sauce. Despite being a type of smooth pasta, it perfectly goes with all kinds of seasonings. The Neapolitan tradition uses it also in baked- in-oven recipes. It is in fact ideal for making pies or the classic baked pasta stuffed with tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, meatballs and boiled eggs.

bronze drawn /

We use only high quality semolina. All shapes of pasta are drawn in bronze, which has a slower scroll, giving the pasta roughness and porosity, providing excellent hold of the dressings.

slow drying /

The drying takes place slowly (up to 42 hours) and at low temperature (up to 50 °C) in static cells. Here, the unique balance of time, heat and humidity reproduces the famous “wind tunnel” of Roma Street in Gragnano.

ingredients /
durum wheat semolina and water
cooking time /
from 8 to 10 minutes