Mealitaly specialty, created with exactly the same care we have for the classic shapes of Gragnano. This shapeis so original that in order to balance it, it is suitable with a simple sauce of fresh tomato and basil or as a base for “seas and mountains” recipes – with fish and vegetables together. Ideal for creating funny pasta salads because, served cold, it maintains unchanged its organoleptic properties.

bronze drawn /

We use only high quality semolina. All shapes of pasta are drawn in bronze, which has a slower scroll, giving the pasta roughness and porosity, providing excellent hold of the dressings.

slow drying /

The drying takes place slowly (up to 42 hours) and at low temperature (up to 50 °C) in static cells. Here, the unique balance of time, heat and humidity reproduces the famous “wind tunnel” of Roma Street in Gragnano.

ingredients /
durum wheat semolina and water
cooking time /
from 13 to 16 minutes