Mealitaly, through the history of the Roman Empire and into the borders of Campania Felix, showcases the Mediterranean tradition of beautiful food and a passion for fine taste.

Our mission goes beyond usual standards. We aim to reclaim the flavours of our region and the Italian culinary culture, handed down to us by our ancestors and polluted and distorted by globalisation and unfair trade. At Mealitaly we only represent the highest quality produce from our region.

Our goods, made from the land of the beautiful Bel Paese, are given the right attention and care in order to preserve their quality and unique flavour. Therefore our products, which are of the PDO and IGP brands, grow in carefully selected soils containing high quality raw materials that pass our strict controls. We continue to monitor the products through the steps of packaging and stocking. These stages are subject to thorough tests that maintain extremely high standards. This guarantees an excellent grade product reaches your table. Our elegant packaging displays our care for the artisan products within. We don’t just offer a Taste of Italy but the opportunity to explore Italy’s culinary past through its fine, home grown produce.

For the first time this year our selection will be at Anuga 2015, which will be held in Cologne from the 10th – 14th of October. Our staff will be very pleased to offer you the genuine taste of the Piennolo tomato, the delicacy of the citrus fruits of Sorrento, the mild beauty of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Amalfi Coast and the exquisite pasta from Gragnano. All of these products are for us a source of great pride as we are able to represent a food tradition so rich and unique! You will have the chance to experience a selected range, an authentic aroma and a truly Italian taste.